Package: hamradiomenus

version: 1.0-1

Distributions: Debian

Summary: The package installs, but fails to create a separate menu for ham radio applications.

The purpose of this package is to create the necessary menu structure for Ham Radio applications for both Gnome and KDE. You won’t automatically see HamRadio in the application menu structure. The menu heading appears only when there is an application installed that places it software under the menu heading. The instructions for making this happen appear in the file /usr/share/doc/hamradiomenus/README.

The hamradiomenus package has a few requirements. The application package must install a .desktop file in the /usr/share/applications directory. Furthermore, the .desktop file must contain the following line:


I installed the package under Linux Mint (Daryna) and modified the .desktop file for gpsk31, and restarted the Gnome desktop. No new menu entry appeared. For good measure, I also performed the same test under Debian 4.0. The same result. The package does not work.

Very few graphical ham radio packages install a .desktop file under /usr/share/applications. They may install the file under /usr/share/apps, or some other directory. Packages with X applications may not even contain a .desktop file.


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