Fedora 9 and Ham Radio Software

While looking for another software package, I discovered that Fedora 9 does have ham radio software in the standard repository. They are hidden in the “Other” category in the Add/Remove Software menu. Unfortunately, this is one huge category. I know that the repository contains hamlib and grig. I am still exploring. This is a slow process, as Fedora 9’s add/remove app is very slow, unless you have a very high-speed data line. You can only install one package at a time, and it takes forever to get a list of packages in the Other category — painful, very painful.


2 Responses to “Fedora 9 and Ham Radio Software”

  1. Jeremy Says:


    I thought that you might find it helpful to install “Yum Extender”. I also use Fedora 9 and have found it easier to find packages the packages I want to install with the yum extender. Hope this is helpful.


  2. ww7ba Says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    I used Yum Extender in Fedora 8, but forgot to load it in Fedora 9. It is faster, but I have an issue with yum extender. In the group view, there is no category or subcategory that contains ham radio software. However, I can find the packages in the Package View. If you select the category RPM Groups, it appears that a good share of the ham radio software appears under Applications -> Communications. As with openSUSE, there is no hamradio category. However, openSUSE keeps hamradio software in a separate repository. The next big question, is why are yum groups different from the default package manager groups, and why do these groups not match the RPM groups?

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