Launch of All Things Android for Costa Rica

I created the All Things Android site for two reasons. First, I wanted all Android topics to appear on a separate site. Second, I wanted to focus on Android, as it relates to Costa Rica. While Android devices are not new to Costa Rica, there is surge of interest in Android phones and tablets. In Costa Rica, GSM (3G) is the norm. All 3G mobile devices are unlocked, and now there are three carriers (Kolbi/ICE, Claro, and Mobistar).There are no LTE cell networks, so discussions of 4G devices is not relevant. Consequently, I have refocused my blog sites.

As of now, the focus of each site is as follows:

  • All Things Android will focus strictly on Android topics.
  • Low Cost Computing will focus on general discussions of Linux, including reviews of new Linux distros.
  • Hot about Linux remains focused on advanced Linux topics that assume the reader has a basic knowledge of Linux.
  • Tell Me about Linux is still the site for Linux on-line course material. I am currently working on a Basic Linux course. When completed, I will write another course.
  • Mobile Software Development shall focus strictly on developing Web sites for mobile devices.
  • Linux for Ham Radio awaits my getting a permit to operate my station in Costa Rica, and then will focus on Linux ham radio applications. Since this is a highly speciallized site, it may include Android apps orriented to ham radio.

I would like to post articles on each site on a weekly basis. However, I also write Technology articles for The Costa Rica Star. A very busy writing schedule.


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