Fedora 9 and Ham Radio Software

While looking for another software package, I discovered that Fedora 9 does have ham radio software in the standard repository. They are hidden in the “Other” category in the Add/Remove Software menu. Unfortunately, this is one huge category. I know that the repository contains hamlib and grig. I am still exploring. This is a slow process, as Fedora 9’s add/remove app is very slow, unless you have a very high-speed data line. You can only install one package at a time, and it takes forever to get a list of packages in the Other category — painful, very painful.


openSUSE 11.0 and Ham Radio

The ham radio repository is available for openSUSE 11.0. You can either use one-click or add http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/hamradio/openSUSE_11.0/. Thanks to Tim (DG7GT) and Jan-Simon for making it happen. With out doubt, openSUSE now rivals Debian for the number of ham radio packages available.

Ham Software for Fedora

There are ham radio packages available for Fedora, and the Fedora community does have a SIG for Amateur Radio. Alas, it is still getting off the ground. You can find out what is available for Fedora Bob Jensen’s site: http://bjensen.fedorapeople.org/pkgs/hams/. It is a start, and they are making progress.

openSUSE Ham Software Repository

While it is not well published, openSUSE does maintain a repositories for ham radio software. You won’t find it in the list of repositories, but there is a repository for each version since openSUSE 10,0. The URLs are as follow:

  • download.opensuse.org/repositories/hamradio/SUSE_Linux_10.0
  • download.opensuse.org/repositories/hamradio/SUSE_Linux_10.1
  • download.opensuse.org/repositories/hamradio/openSUSE_10.2
  • download.opensuse.org/repositories/hamradio/openSUSE_10.3
  • download.opensuse.org/repositories/hamradio/openSUSE_11.0

You will be surprised at how much software is available.