Article in Linux Journal

The January issue of the Linux Journal is featuring articles on ham radio and Linux. While they mention Fedora, Debian, and Ubuntu, they fail to mention the excellent ham radio software for openSuse.


Fedora 9 and Ham Radio Software

While looking for another software package, I discovered that Fedora 9 does have ham radio software in the standard repository. They are hidden in the “Other” category in the Add/Remove Software menu. Unfortunately, this is one huge category. I know that the repository contains hamlib and grig. I am still exploring. This is a slow process, as Fedora 9’s add/remove app is very slow, unless you have a very high-speed data line. You can only install one package at a time, and it takes forever to get a list of packages in the Other category — painful, very painful.

Desktop Menu Update

I just looked at version 1.0 of the Desktop Menu Specification. On June 17, I ranted that HamRadio was not a registered category. Appendix A now lists HamRadio as a registered Additional Category, whose Main Category is either Network or Audio. The next step is for ham radio package developers to comply with the specifications.

Confusion Reigns

When I install a ham radio application, I have no idea where, or even if, there is a menu entry for the executables in the application. The hamradiomenus packages was supposed to solve the problem for Debian and its derivative distros. Even if the package worked, it still requires that the user edit the .desktop file for each application in the package. To make matters worse, very few ham radio packages include a .desktop file.

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