The Heartbreak of Heartbleed


Periodically when a person uses a computer one may receive notifications that contain phrases such as “do you trust this connection” or “do you trust this site.” While it is unlikely that such prompts are intended to send users tumbling into an existential abyss they nevertheless carry a very important question bundled in the guise of a simple yes or no (“allow” or “don’t allow”) moment. That question: “do you trust…”

Well…do you?

Using technological systems in contemporary society (in particular “high technological” systems) is often premised upon an oft unspoken level of trust, which relies as much (if not more so) on subconscious consent. We trust that our devices will function the way we have been led to expect them to function, we trust that the applications we use will do what they advertise, we trust that the passwords we use are being kept secret by the sites to…

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Launch of All Things Android for Costa Rica

I created the All Things Android site for two reasons. First, I wanted all Android topics to appear on a separate site. Second, I wanted to focus on Android, as it relates to Costa Rica. While Android devices are not new to Costa Rica, there is surge of interest in Android phones and tablets. In Costa Rica, GSM (3G) is the norm. All 3G mobile devices are unlocked, and now there are three carriers (Kolbi/ICE, Claro, and Mobistar).There are no LTE cell networks, so discussions of 4G devices is not relevant. Consequently, I have refocused my blog sites.

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